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:: Omegawow :: The Online Sensation 3.3.5.a

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Omegawow WOTLK, a european World of Warcraft server hosted on a 1 Gbit line in the netherlands.
We are online 24/7 for more then 6 years now.
Our xp rates are higher then a blizzlike server, but we still focus us on the real gameplay...

We have a friendly community, a nice hard working staff with develophers and gamemasters.
Join our ventrilo server also to talk about the game, managing raids, and talk with fellow players from all over the world.

We are 100% pure, lagfree, no player limit..

Our server:
CPU: Heaxacore ( 6 cores )
Memory: 32GB DDR3 ECC
Harddisk: 2SSD raid-1 setting
Connection: 1000/1000 Full duplex line in datacenter in the netherlands...

Our rates:
XP kill/quest/explore 3x Blizzlike
Drop gold/items 3x Blizzlike
Honor 3x Blizzlike

Cya on the Online Sensation!!!
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