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PRO Warriors 3.3.5 Instant 80

[Instant 80][PVP Tokens][Teleporter][Mall][Solo- Arena 1v1][Tra-nsmog][Reforging][Tit-les NPC][Reputation NPC][Antifarming][Phased Duels][Duel tracker][Vote rewards][Player commands][Latest TrinityCore with years and years of fixes for 3.3.5 client]


PRO Warriors Instant level 80 PVP realm. This server is all about PVP, you get various tokens from various PVP activities including duels and then you can use these tokens to buy better gear or other things such as reputation, titles, etc. Some other features include: transmogrification system, reforging, big faction specific malls, player
commands, duel reset, antifarming, duel tracker, emblem tokens exchanging, vote rewards. The server is hosted on dedicated machines using 1GBps connection to ensure smooth experience for everybody.
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