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Chronicle Cabal Online

[Experience 500x] [Alz 50x] [Item 3x] [Skill 500x] [Forcium Drop in MF/PF] [Premium] [Reborn System] [Modified monster spawn on event channel] [Nation war] [Lag-free Server] [Map Codes]


[C]US Dedicated Server
24/7 Online
99% Fixed Bugs
Friendly and helpful GM
Located in United States
People mainly from Malaysia,Singapore,Canada and Philippines

Experience Rate : 500x
Skill Experience Rate : 500x
Drop Rate : 5x (Over 5x means no alz drop)
Crafting Rate : 500x
Alz : 50x
Max Drop : 3
Tierra Glorosia Every Saturday (GMT+8)
Updates on Channel Events - Example [Entrita in Channel 8 DS,Ectoleaf in Channel 9 DS and etc]
Events will be scheduled before the day of the event

What's included in this cabal?
4 Inventory slots
Premium Package forever
Character Reborn System
300stats to all, First Character Creation
GPS,All Map Codes

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