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HallsOfPain is one of the best gaming communities the internet has to offer.
We have gaming forums covering everything from Blizzard to XBOX.
Within each forum we have guides, strategy, tips, editors, files, clones, mods, hacks, item packs and much more for Diablo, GearsOfWar, Guildwars, Halo, World Of Warcraft, 2Moons, Starcraft, Counter Strike, Playstation, Xbox, Nitendo and much much more...
We also have links to some of the best sites offering gaming tips and other gamer resources.

BAD REALM is our premier private Diablo II LOD v1.10 game server. Our server is fast and is always on. With over 150 member accounts the game is always going and has some of the best D2 gamers from USEast and USWest. Clans are welcome and each HallsOfPain Member gets a level 80 character to start and up to 18 characters per account. Our BAD REALM staff are knowledgable and make each patch update a new and unique experience, like new graphics and items, harder bosses and super unique monsters, new maps and special runes, make Diablo II a whole new experience. Weekly dueling contests and Cash Prizes make our realm the best. Come show us your skills at closed dueling and walk away with some great prizes and gear. BAD REALM will soon have an online store where you can buy gear anmd special items you just can't find playing.

Our site also has some of the best Graphics and Art contests you could imagine with $25.00 monthly prizes for the winner you can't go wrong entering. We have weekly gfx contests and offer a wide variety of tutorials and resources to hone your skills. Our Banner of the Month and Poem of the Month contest are open to all HallsOfPain members regardless of skill level and site reputation or rank. All members get a free signature request per month and can wear them with pride.

If gossip and general disscussions are your thing we have the some of the best forums and some of the longest running flame topics around. Our General Discussion Forum has everything from Art and Literature to Hobbies and Interests. Each member also gets a personal blog for posting anything they feel like sharing.

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