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D2Anya - Anya's Shop Online

D2 Ladder/Non-Ladder items, cd keys, power leveling & premade accounts


Welcome to Anya\'s Shop Online.

Why is Anya here?
You must always be disappointed when you shop at Anya\'s shop in the game.

But not any more !

At Anya\'s Shop Online, we sell godly items (Diablo II Expansion / Classic, Softcore / Hardcore, US East / US West / Europe, Ladder Season 7 / Non Ladder)

Enjoy your shopping here at Anya\'s Shop Online. ^_^


LiveChat Support
LiveChat support is available on our homepage

Delivery methods:

All purchased items will be delivered via a mule account which will be sent to your Paypal email from 5 minutes to less than 2 hours after the payment is received, unless there is any extra step needed, like an order verification.

For assistance with in game delivery (transferring your items), you may try our free LiveChat support (24/7) on our homepage (ONLY available if you have received the mule account information by email).
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