Nations of War

Nations of War is a FREE cellphone & PC based World-wide game of Military strategy, planning, timing and the proper execution will determine where YOU rank among the other players.


WE provide the FREE bots for YOU to enhance your gaming experience, and to magnify your gaming possibilities:

Bronze Account Explore,Land,Military and RI Bot
3 Upgrades

Silver Account Bronze Account Options
+1 Upgrade
Navy Bot

Gold Account Silver Account Options
+1 Upgrade
Bold name on scores

Upgrades Choose from 10 different upgrades

Available Upgrades
Upgrade Current
+5% Money 1
+5% Power 1
+5% Population 0.95
-5% Return Time 1
-5% Military Costs 0.85
-5% Research Costs 1
+5% Research Production 1
-5% Barracks Required 1
+5% Offense 1
+5% Defenes 1
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