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Electric Uncle Sam

Rocking, Rolling Radio with live DJs , Arcade with 7000+ Games, Casino, Poker, Sudoku, Trivia, Battle, Lotto & More. Come Party with the BEST on the Net!! LIVE CHAT!! Always something to do Here!!


Cooler than Iced Bread

I am Electric Uncle Sam

You can call me Seedy, just don't call me late for dinner...or at 4:00am

I am the owner & creator of ElectricUncleSam, and it is my pleasure to have you as my guest. None of this would be possible without the lot of yaz...I just want you all to know you are appreciated.

I enjoy doing a variety of things. Electronics are on the top of my list , followed closely by sports. I consider myself a burly geek. I have the brains & brawn wrapped in one package available in tar.gz , source , binary, and zip files tongue.gif If I neglected to mention I am a bit thrown was completely intentional. That's something I'd like to keep between me,you, and the light post.

As far as family goes, I am happily married. My wife, DizziePixie, and I have 3 lovely (at times) children. Each of them has a special power that we will soon have to figure a means of managing. My son can apparently fly...the landings are the rough part for him. My eldest daughter has the ability to pass through solid objects or is that the other way around... she simply can't control the fact that she & the object are usually dysfunctional afterward. She also has the nostradamnedus effect where when she is in trouble, she can divulge information to get those around her in more trouble, thus saving her self. Me wee lass, precious gem, well she can produce buttmustard, projectile vomit & hit a target from 30 paces, and still make everyone swoon...lil mastress of chemical warfare, she.

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