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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Online

San Andreas Online RP/DM [Online 24/7][Max Players = 500][Friendly GM's] [New Missions Added Often][Houses, Business, and Jobs][Role Play/DM Server][AntiCheat Enabled]


We Are Back Online!

The New Updated Server Is Up and Running!
You will need to upgrade to the newest client files located on our forum
( or get them at (
Everyone needs to make a new account.

Come join the fun.

10 Player Slots for now to check for bugs. Your welcome to come help us :)

Hello Everyone and Welcome to our San Andreas Online Server. For those of you who do not know what this is, it is a Online Multiplayer Mod of the Original Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. In our server you can get a job as a Lawyer, Car Dealer, Mechanic, Drug Dealer, and much more. You can also join a family such as a Cop, Mafia, License Teacher, Army, and many more. You can also buy, own, or rent, and upgrade a House. You can own a business and receive money from people that use your business. There are so many things you can do that can keep you busy.

Our server is a Role Play/DM server, which means you can gain levels, and upgrade your stats.
The DM stands for Death Match..Yes Death Match In a RP Server. Only 1 need to be in a gang to DM. We have 5 different Gangs for you to choose from ;)

We are not a strict Role Play server meaning we do not make you type lame RP commands to do odd things. Example: /me Turns car off, /me takes seatbelt off, /me blah blah blah...just play, and have fun!

Now that you know what we are, and what you can do, Join Us, and become a part of our Community.
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