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Pirates Of The Searing [YoHo]

Established European, PvX guild. Awarded Guild of the Week by ArenaNet


Pirates Of The Searing...

started life back in the September of 2006. It was founded by two main figures who's original influence is still present today.

Slowly the guild began to grow in numbers, strength, popularity and began to improve. After almost a year in an alliance lead by GotW achieving [CV] - YoHo had grown to over 50 members; all from various backgrounds.

Foundations were now in place for an established guild in the Guild Wars world. By now YoHo had already seen brief stints in the GvG ladder, experimented with gimmick builds, single profession teams - this was all made possible by the variety of members taking interest in virtually all apsects of the game.

YoHo's next mile stone came on December 10th 2007, when they were named official Guild Of The Week. Their voyage continued as they formed their
own alliance in the begining of 2008. Time and effort continues to be put into the alliance for the benefit of all guilds and players involved.

YoHo's long term plans is to continue their legacy into Guild Wars 2. In the mean time, they wish to expand further into Guild Wars and give their members the best experience possible. Priority at the moment is fixed upon the alliance that they lead, ever working together will fellow allies to help each other
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