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Universal KnightOnline 2017

newer (2017) 1299 server, lv cap is 80 with working skills, capes, Starting gear, clan-rank-king-capes-lunar working. Bi-Frost up soon. Tons of resources to implement in the future!


Universal KO is a new 1299 server brought to you by a one man team, most of the bugs are out and it is getting to the point where i need a few testers to bring light to what bugs still remain.. Server is running on a dedicated VPS for 99,99% uptime


  • Auto Mastery (for now)
  • Auto clan for human and karus newcomers.
  • MYKO style.
  • Anvil rates are posted on panel.
  • Forums will arrive on march 16th
  • Anvil rates during testing are 100% to +10 tho this may go down
refer to the kopanel for current rates.

honestly, its coming along great.. domain is purchased for the next two years, i would like to keep this going as long as possible.
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