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Lineage 2 Interlude low rate server. Retail buffs, gatekepeers, shops, class balance, enchant rates, drops, olympiad, seven sings, blood swords. Buyable class change quests. Retail subclass system. Automatic events and events hosted by GMs.

Rates: 7x exp, 8x sp, 8x drop, 7x adena, 3x spoil.

Lineage 2 Interlude high rate server. One hour buff times, global gatekepeers, GM-shop, retail class balance, retail enchant rates, retail olympiad, retail seven sings, non-stop cursed sword action, automated Team vs Team events . Free class change quests. Retail subclass system. Medal system s grade stuff, events hosted by GMs.

Rates: 35x exp, 50x sp, 5x drop, 60x adena, 3x spoil.
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