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Interlude L2OFF | 1Gbit net | 24/7 uptime | Weekly events | 7x7x7x5x5x5x | Buyable Class Change | Started 5months ago.


Did you ever own a castle? Did you ever ride a dragon? Did you ever fight a war against thousands of other people from all over the world? Did you win? Now you can! Discover the world of Aden in breath-taking game: Lineage 2. You can play with your friends and other thousand people in a fantasy MMORPG. Magic, knights, clans, wars, castle sieges, tons of weapons and armors, accessories, and events all the time. You can be a trader, a fighter, a mage, or a villain. You can lead clans and alliances, fight wars against other clans, to own a castle and all the rights with it. You can raise pets, who help you in your adventures. Your dreams can come true. And the best of all: It's free! Yes, you don't have to pay a penny for it!

We are the Dragonians team (, and we run a private Lineage 2 C5 server. You may be afraid of private game servers, but there is no reason for it: We are very close to the official Lineage 2 server, based on an official server release, so you can experience all the features of Lineage 2 for free!

But how can you play? Here is a little Howto, and some links, where you can inform about the game.


A little howto here:

Next step is to register a game account here:

It's importatant to register with your real e-mail address, because we will send you an activation link to it. If the mail arrived, just click on the activation link and you are ready to play!
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