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Gracia Final • Rates x4 • Vitality • Offline Trade • True International Server • No Donations • 1000+ Online • 100% Uptime • Weekly Restarts • Not L2J


XP/ SP: x4
Party XP/ SP: x1
Adena: x4
Drop: x4
Raid Drop: x2
Spoil: x4
Manor: x2
Fishing: x2
Quest Item Reward: x2
Quest Adena Reward: x4
Quest Adena XP/ SP: x4
Mercenary Guard Price: x4
Weight Limit: x2

Success: 66%
Maximum: +25

Vitality System: With Retail Formula.

Custom Features:
Spawn Protection: 30 Seconds or till you move.
Low Level PK Protection: You can't PK a character 20 levels lower than you. This protection doesn't apply if low level character is in High Level area.
Offline Trade System: Set a Private Creation/ Buy/ Sell Shop, Exit game and your character will remain online till server restart or till you relog! You don't need to run a Client for that.
No Store Zones: On Giran, special defined areas where you can't place Shops (like in pathways) so you experience less client lag.
No Stores around NPC: You can't place a private shop around NPC in 250 radius in any Town.
Alt+Shift: On Mob shows Drop/ Spoil Stats.

Gameplay Improvements:
Seal Stone Contribution: Maximum per player during festival is 10kk
Auto Loot: Drops don't drop in the ground, go directly to your inventory.
Merchant and Blacksmith of Mammon: Spawn auto announcement.
Shout/ Trade Anti-Spam: You can use shout/ trade channel only once per 5.
Olympiad System: Your or your opponents weapon and armor enchant bonus is not applied on Olympiad matches.

Wedding System: Marry and meet your mate with 25kk Adena.
TvT Event: At 3:00 and 18:00 UTC, Level 40-60, Rewards: Adena and Elixirs.

About the Server:
RaidFight is an international low rate, Lineage 2 private server. Our rates are x4 and the game is as close as possible to retail with some unique custom features which make the game easier and more fun.
Our machines are located in Netherlands but this is just the machine location. Our community is truly international with players from all over the globe and we are really proud of it.
We, the server Team, wish you a nice stay and we hope we cover your needs.

Make sure you agree and know of the server rules.
Playing on our server is a privilege, not a right.
Vote every day it's the least reward you can give us for the time and money we spend.
Consider donating even small amounts to support us.

Donations & Rewards:
Donations may be accepted but there are no rewards at all! If you want to support us, do it because you feel it so, not because you will get rewarded.

Server Website & Forums:
40864 sites in our database.
IN/OUT resets every month.
Time until reset: 13 days, 19 hours and 38 min.

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