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Gracia FINAL Server|5000x Rates|300+ Custom items/accessories|Custom & Balanced Gameplay|The Masterpiece of L2 Servers:The WAR OF RACES & RACE KING'sGOD/Epic raids, New L2Concept, Curious ? Join us !!


Server Rates :

Exp: 5000x

SP: 5000x

Adena: 5000x

Safe Enchant : 3

Max Enchant (armor/weapon): 8

Buffs : 24 hours (instant buff)

Normal Scrolls : Official enchant rate (break weapon/armor)

Blessed Scrolls : Same Rate as Normal Scrolls, but wont break your item

Grade Penality : Disabled (S-grade even at 1 level if you want)

General Informations :

L][RaceSupremacy is a high rate PvP Server in which with few mobs you can lvl up to 86 level.
There are many high rate servers, but we are trying to make something different... The also called : "War between races" , like it is in Lineage II history .
Server Features :

- There are 6 races , Humans, Elfs, Dark Elfs, Dwarfs, Orcs, Kamaels.
- We tend to simulate war inside a race, and war between the races.
- We aim to give a great gameplay and sattisfaction to PvP lovers among with an extremely good PvP experience. PvP is pretty balanced as we have worked on that for few months now. We still continue making little fixes, as we want no class to be overpowered.
- Accessories are modified in a way to give different stats to the characters.
Until now there are over 50 accessories already avaliable at the GmShop. Those are modified and perfectly work .
- Until now there are 5 different new armors added with different statistics, custom skills and custom abilities. There is a Special Armor added for the Kings either. ( Gracia Final Weapon & Armors included )
- Weapons have been re-worked too, and have been modified . Each armor has an equivalent level of weapon .

Races :

- Every race is going to start at its origin village, humans in human village, dark elfs in dark elf villge etc.
- Every part of theyr village is going to have different farming zones, and about 8 custom raid with custom drop for each raid. These raids are gioing to be strong and you can't kill them alone.
You will need a good party, with tanks , bishops, daggers, nukkers etc.
Each raid will drop different useful currency and items depending on its level.
The same is about theyr respawn time. The higher the level is, the bigger the respawn time is.
- Epic Boss rings like Baium,Antharas,Valakas,Queen Ant,Zaken,Frintezza are sold in the GM Shop.
They won't be rreally expensive, so you can get them easy .
- We have also added a new rank of Jewels, which are way more good than the old Baium & company .

Clan Reputation :

- Clan reputation points are going to be adedd by clanwar, and Clan Rep Points special Raids.
- Clanwar kills will give your clan 1 clan reputation points ( you loose the same ammount if killed by another race ) .
Clan Raids are going to give clan reputations depending on theyr level and difficulty.
- Clan skills are modified and theyr stats are rreally great. New clan skills are going to be added.

Grand Olympiad

- Olympiad lasts 2 weeks. In the end of each perioud there will be announced the new Heroes.
The armor, jewels and weapons used in the matches will be of the same level (S-Grade/Tatteossian).
- Heroes here are not as you might think.Their accessories, weapons, skills have been modified so they will rreally be able to show the difference between a Hero and a normal player.
- Among the announcement of the Heroes there will be announced the date of the competiton to be Kings.

What are the Kings ?!?!

- The Kings are a new system developed in order to choose the best of each race.
This means that every race will have a King.
For example : There will be 11 Human Heroes ( each class ).
After the new heroes are announced, the GM Team will announce the requirements to compete to be a King.
The Kings will have a special armor, weapons and accessories and a special item called :
The King's Crown, which will also add specific Statistics to the player.
Further information will be given in-game !

Custom Changes to the Gameplay :

- Custom Farming Zones for high level & Low level equipped players.
- A special PvP System which will change the colour of your name according to the number of PvP you have.
Along with the colour change, you will gain new custom skills which will be a good reward for your PvP ( skills haven't been adedd yet, as we have to configure them first ) .
- Every Castle has a Special NPC . This NPC will make you able to gain profit of the Special Castle Buffs, and the Special Castle Shop, with Special Items which you wont be able to find in the normal GmShop.
- A Special Trader is added in every town, so you will be able to exchange the currency, or even low level armor Sets.
- Added a penality to same race killers . This consists in a loss of 3 pvp's & an immediate death for each same race ( like its team kill )
- Some Self-Buffs are set into passive ( but you still gain their effect )
- Adedd a PvP Killing Spree system ! You can go on a killing spree if you make kills in a raw without dieing ! We have modified the reccomandation system also. At the Eval score you may now see the PvP kills in a raw that you have made. To go on a spree you need 20 PvP's. As its the begining, you won't gain anything special by the Killing Spree state, just Hero Glow ( for the moment ) .
- Added also a custom farming zone, that you can equip only few custom items !
- Added Race Chat .. By presing + u can chat with your race.
- Added a NPC that will show the kills that your Race has made . With those kills, the King of your race will be able to buy some Race Skills. Each king will be able to buy Custom Skills and cast them for his whole Race.
- Most of the clasess have their skills modified. New skills are added, and some might be removed, but don't worry.
You can also consult our RaceLog's for :

    Dark Elfs

( You can also Consult our Changelog )

There are lots and lots more features, that you could discover yourself. There is also spawned an information Npc that is going to inform you for everything u need.
We aim for a great PvP Lover community ! If you are a good PvP-er join us and let's have fun ! Don't think it twice, donwload our patches, connect & have fun

The L][ RaceSupremacy Team
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