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Evolution Server 15x All Servers updated to High Five part 5, new international community, L2DC Engine, 2 boxes allowed, No items for donation. Come to join us!


contact: [email protected]

L2Eden Evolution - HighFive 15x

L2Eden Evolution is a mid rate server, made for players that want to grow quickly and try the PvP experience on Eden.

With the same quality and fixes of the old low rate but with some exclusive facilities, if you have only few time to play, this is the server for you.

  • XP/SP: 15x
    Drop/Spoil: 10x
    Adena: 12x
    Quest Item Drop: 6x
    Manor: 5x
    Pet XP: 1x
    Raid Boss Drop: 5x
    Raid Boss Jewels: 1x
    Unstackable Drop/Spoil: Max 2 items at a time
    Common Items: 1x
    Fishing: 1x
    Hellbound Trust Point: 5x
    Repeatable Quests Adena/Items/XP/SP: 1x Adena / 1x Items / 1x XP / 1x SP
    One Time Quests Adena/Items/XP/SP: 2x Adena / 2.5x Items / 5x XP / 5x SP

  • Safe Enchant: Weapons +3 / Armor & Jewelry: +3
    Max Enchant: unlimited but with extreme low chances after +16
    Enchant System: retail-like: higher enchants are more difficult
    No Item Donations
    First, Second, Third class change quests: can be done talking with an NPC
    Subclass quest: not needed
    Nobless quests: must be completed
    Auto Learn Skill: up to level 75 (only learned skills)
    Special quests to get D and C equipment for free
    Special Common Items vendors
    Vitality System retail like
    Nevit Blessing retail like
    Retail Buff Times
    No GM Shop
    No NPC Buffer

  • Lineage II: High Five part 5
    L2 Dragon Claw (L2DC) Server Files
    Full Anti-Bot Protection
    Anti-DDOS Protection
    Dual Boxing Allowed (Max 2 connection at the same time)
    Full Geodata & Dynamic Pathfinding (Completely recoded)
    Olympiad Anti-Feed System
    All Chats, items, enchants and GM functions are logged
    Weapon and Jewels Augmentation
    Seven Signs
    All 12 Epic quests
    Castle Sieges
    Fortress Sieges
    Master Craft
    All Kamalokas
    All Pailakas
    Territory Wars
    Rim Pailakas (Fortress/Castle Instances)
    Level 80+ Zones (Mithril Mines, Den of Evil, Crypt of Disgrace, Giants Cave & Field of Whispers, Sel Mahum and more)
    All skills working with retail formulas
    All mobs have working retail drop lists (Including Raid Bosses)
    Custom shift click at mobs to see Drop/Spoil list
    Pet Evolve System
    Protection from agressive mobs after teleport 15 seconds
    Enhanced Baby Pets with working Buffs
    Blacksmith and Merchant of Mammon spawn location announced in auto
    Hellbound working up to level 11
    Territorial Wars starts thursday (instead of saturday) from 8.00 to 10.00 PM (GMT+1)
    Offline Shop / Offline Craft

  • Restoration of Offline Shops and Crafters means that if you have an offline shop set and the server does a reboot or shutdown your store is saved and then automatically placed online again after the restart. No more need to reset your offline shops after a reboot.
  • Grand Wedding Ceremony is a brand new in game feature that is unlike the old Wedding System. Unlike the old wedding system this one takes it to completely new heights as it goes beyond the normal “Go to the NPC; pay the fee and your married.” Instead you are treated to a complete wedding ceremony, complete with honor guard, NPC guests and the option to have normal players sign up as guests. If you meet the necessary requirements you and your guests are teleported to Fantasy Island. But the best feature is the built in panning-camera “cut-scene” system similar to when one of the Epic Bosses awakens that is used in between scenes. The bride and groom have to interact with the Grand Wedding Priest when he asks them the “Do you..” question, then when it is over you are each presented with a special gift compliments of the L2EdeN team.
  • Champion Mobs: Every 20 enemy spawns, there is a chance that a Champion appears.
  • You can easily recognize the champions, so be prepared: they are 8 time stronger then the normal ones, but they give more exp, more drops, more glory.
  • Battle Arena: On demand Team vs Team event:
  • - Last Man Standing
    - Capture the Flag
    - Deathmatch
    Ranking and statistics available on our web in a dedicated section. We provides a weekly PvP Points reward for the top ranks and other rewards for participants.
  • Vote event, free for all!
  • Every 100 votes, the “Gift of Vitality” event will activate for 12 hours, free for all players, old and new! Vote now and enjoy your favourite server!
    - The Gift of Vitality: Maintains vitality at level 4 for 2 hours. This buff cannot be cancelled, but it will disappear if your character dies. It can be acquired once per day by speaking to Jack Sage in any town. Players of all levels may acquire this buff.
    - The Memories of a Newbie: Players levels 76-85 can receive the following buffs depending on their class type. These buffs cannot be cast onto a player that already has them, but they can be reacquired once they have expired or been removed through death or cancellation.

  • Intel® Core™ i7-2600 Quadcore incl. Hyper-Threading Technology
    RAM: 36 GB DDR3 RAM
    hard discs: 2 x 3000 GB SATA6 HDD
    NIC: 1 GBit OnBoard connected at 100 MBit
    Unlimited Traffic
    100 MBit Bandwidth
    O.S. Linux 64bit
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