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★Lineage 2 Revolt★

Freya - 45x Balanced Classes/PVP/Olympiad (No Elements). Perfect currency system. Perfect connection & Server. Honor & Revolt Weapons. Balanced Custom Weapons/Armors. Constant Events. Auto: TvT/CTF/KOTH/LMS/DM etc! Custom Raids JOIN THE REVOLT!!!


Freya - 45x Balanced Classes/PVP/Olympiad. Perfect Currency System. Perfect connection & Server. Balanced Olympiad Armors, Revolt Armors, Titanium Armors, Revolt Weapons etc. Constant Events by a dedicated GM Team. Auto Events. Castle/Fort Sieges. Custom Revolt Raids including the Epic ones. Balanced Olympiad where all items over +10 get their power lowered to +10. NPC Buffs with Songs and Dances included. Full newest Geodata/Pathnodes.
Offline Shop System. Revolt Signs System. Autolearn skills including forgotten skills. Very active GMs that actually LISTEN !

Fanelia Rates:
EXP: 45x
SP: 100x
Adena: 200x
Drop: 7x
Spoil: 7x

NPC Buffers:
- Second profession buffs, dances and songs.
- Buffs/Dances/Songs last 1 Hour and 20 minutes.
- Renewal & Champion last 1 Hour and 20 minutes
- Third profession special buffs last 20 minutes | COV, Magnus, POW etc.
- Possibility to create an "AIO buffer" near the Subclass Changers.

Custom Currency System:
- In order to obtain high value items, one must hunt for Revolt Coins.
- Revolt Coins are obtainable in the Special Farming Zones.
- They are also obtainable from Revolt & Epic Bosses.
- A small amount of Revolt Coins is obtainable in the Boosted Zones
- Exchangeable at the Currency Exchanger in the main towns
- Also exchangeable at the various shops.

There are 2 different currency values
- Revolt Copper [Revolt Coin of Lower Value]
- Revolt Silver [Revolt Coin of Higher Value]

Subclass & Noblesse Quests:
- Global Gatekeeper teleports you to Master Reorin.
- Misc Shop Linnea sells all the Quest items for Subclass & Noblesse Quests.
- This does not mean that these quests come for free our without a fight.

Balanced Olympiad:
- Every weapon over the enchant +10 gets it's power decreased temporarily in olympiad as if it is a +10 weapon.
- Jewels and armors above +10 (which is rare) also follow this rule.
- Revolt & Titanium armors are not allowed in the Olympiad.
- Dynasty and the official Olympiad Armors are allowed in the Olympiad.
- Admins/GM observe olympiad to prevent feeding. DONT EVEN TRY IT !!!

Full-Equipped Newbie Characters:
- Fighters wear top No-Grade battle gear & Soulshots
- Mages wear top No-Grade battle gear & Blessed Spiritshots

Boosted EXP Zones:
- Attractive EXP Zones which give double the EXP.
- Boosted Adena and Revolt Copper drops.
- Protected Zones
- Follow the Global Gatekeeper zone descriptions

- Lv. 01-10 : Frozen Camp
- Lv. 10-20 : Neutral Zone Camp
- Lv. 20-40 : Execution Grounds Camp
- Lv. 40-52 : Cemetary of Kings Camp
- Lv. 52-61 : Death Pass Camp
- Lv. 61-66 : Dragon Valley Caves Camp
- Lv. 67-72 : Lair of Antharas Camp
- Lv. 72-76 : MoS South/North Camp

- Beware of PvP & PK

Special Farming Zones:

*Many Special Farming Zones available that require smart gameplay and teamplay.
*Plenty of Revolt Coins droppable.
*S-Grade weapons with SA droppable.
*Beware of PvP & PK.

Solo Zones:
- Monastery of Silence North & South
- Chromatic Highlands
- Chromatic Oasis
- Spoiler's Paradise Dungeon
- Lizardmen's Plains

Solo & Party Zones:
- Sign of Flame: Temple of Destruction
- Sign of Aqua: Primeval Island
- Sign of Life: Varka Silenos Outpost

Spoiler's Paradise:
- Unique Spoilers & Crafters system.
- Side-Currency to the Revolt Coin Currency system.
- In order to obtain high value Tattoo-Accessories, one must hunt for Spoiler's Coins
- We try to ensure that every class fulfills it's purpose. So dear Spoiler/Crafter fans, this is your chance to prove what you're made of.

There are two different Spoiler's Coins:
- Spoiler's Copper [Spoiler's Coin of Lesser Value]
- Spoiler's Gold [Spoiler's Coin of Higher Value]

Revolt Raids & Sign Raids:
- You will notice that the world of Revolt is filled with Custom Bosses.
- Plenty of Revolt Raids all around the world.
- Royal Guards, Prince Class Raids and Lord class raids in the Revolt Signs Zones.
- Core, Orfen, Queen Ant, Zaken, Baium, Antharas Valakas Frintezza and more epics available.

Revolt Shops & Stores:

Linnea Misc Shop
Sabian Armor Shop
Ragnos Special Shop
Luxury Trader [Including: Spoiler's Paradise]

Armors & Weapons

S-grade Weapons
Dynasty, Icarus & Vesper Weapons
Honor Weapons
Revolt Weapons -> Upgradeable to Improved, Blessed and Sacred Revolt Weapons
Dusk Shield, Sword & Staff (Epic Raid Drops)
Honor, Revolt, Titanium Shields (Upgradeable)

S-grade Armors
Dynasty Armors
Honor Olympiad Armors
Revolt Armors
Titanium Armors

Automated TvT Event
Automated TvT Round Event
Constant Events by the GMs
Simon says
Hide & Seek
Zariche Event
Korean Style PvP
Team Style PvP
Free For All
Fun Events
Adena Art
Forum Events
Ventrilo Singing Contests
... and much much more

Stay tuned for more REVOLT !!!
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