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Epilogue PvP Server. AION + LINEAGE2 mixed to create smth never seen before. 30 classes able for PvP, 295 custom items perfectly balanced. L2 in a new custom way. You will not be disapointed Join us!!


Now times have changed, there is no more loyalty and no more respect for anything. What has happen to the brotherhoods and the true blood? Ahhh, leave it.
The new era has come.
L2RaceSupremacy The chaotic throne.

L][RaceSupremacy is a high rate PvP Server in which with few mobs you can lvl up to max 85 level.
There are many high rate servers, but we are trying to make something different...
The also called : "War between races" , like it is in Lineage II history . The new server is the followship of the "Old" L2RS.

The story tends to be more interesting.
There are 6 races , Humans, Elfs, Dark Elfs, Dwarfs, Orcs, Kamaels. We tend to simulate war inside a race, and war between the races.
We aim to give a great gameplay and sattisfaction to PvP lovers among with an extremely good PvP experience.
PvP is pretty balanced, every skill have is fixed to have his effect (you will hit strongly with some kind of skills than with normal hists), now there are 30 classes able for PvP.
Custom Accessories are modified in a way to give different stats to the characters. Some accessories can be enchanted too.
Custm Armors , with different stats , skills , powers.
Custom Weapons have been re-worked too, and have been modified . Each armor has an equivalent level of weapon .
Aion , Dota & Lineage2, mixed to create a unique gameplay.
Items, accessories , new farming system adapted from Aion , new sounds and effects added from Dota to L2RS

The War

Different from the past , as the story says, races now are in total chaos. There is no more a strong alliance inside the race like before. Ambition for power.
If you kill another race , you will get SupremacyPoints and PvP Point, but if the other race player is not flaged you will take Pk.
By killing your race , you will not earn SupremacyPoint.
Race Clan / Party limitation has been removed. Now if you want you can invite another race in clan/party (chaotic state)
Adapted from Dota a PvP Killing Spree system ! You can go on a killing spree if you make kills in a raw without dieing ! We have modified the reccomandation system also. At the Eval score you may now see the PvP kills in a raw that you have made. To go on a spree you need 10 PvP's, 20 Pvp's and so on. When you will reach BeyondGodLike Spree, you will become a permanet hero.
A special PvP System which will change the colour of your name according to the number of PvP you have
Along with the colour change, you will gain new custom skills which will be a good reward for your PvP

Clans / Legions

Modifyed by L2RS , now the clan number is limited to 50 memebers. At 5 lvl you can invite 30 members .
Clan reputation points are going to be adedd by clanwar, by Raids, with fame that you will earn in sieges.
Clan Raids are going to give clan reputations depending on theyr level and difficulty also they have a good drop.
Clan skills are modified and theyr stats are rreally great. New clan skills are going to be added.
Legion a new feature adapted from Aion . More info about this feature in forum.


7 Siegable castles . Every 2 days there is a siege .
Special features for sieges. Now to destroy a castle wall are needed the dwarfs summoners (new summoners) , the players can't hit the walls. Great and unique sieges

Every Castle has a Special NPC . This NPC will make you able to gain profit of the Special Castle Buffs, and the Special Castle Shop, with Special Items which you wont be able to find in the normal GmShop.

Grand Olympiad

Olympiad lasts 2 weeks (2 hours daily). In the end of each perioud there will be announced the new Heroes.
The armor, jewels and weapons used in the matches will be of the same level (S-Grade/Tatteossian).
Heroes here are not as you might think.Their accessories, weapons, skills have been modified so they will rreally be able to show the difference between a Hero and a normal player.
To balance the olympiad stats , there are added some kind of buffs to each player that partecipate.


There is a GmShop added in each town, where you can find special items, but in shop are only 5% of all the custom items.
(There are 295 customed items.)
The other items can be obtained by hunting mobs (they will drop the whole item, like sword, gloves etc) or Raids.
Higher is the mob level higher will be the chance of droping good items. The strength of items depend from the StrenthPoints that each of them have.
The raids are divided in 3 categories " Normal/ Hard / Epic " . The best way to get good gear is raiding , normal raids can be hunt with a small party and have a nice drop. Hard raids need a strong party , but their drop is just great. Epic raids are very rare and with a long respawn time, some of them spawn depending form the "game time" night or day.
In the trade center also there is the SupremacyShop. Here can be bought the best items in game.

The farming zones are : Cave of trials, Parnassus, The temple of Pagans and the mighty Abyss.

Special Fatures

Just a fast list of them : ComboSkills , Stigmas, special events like Seven Signs (totaly customed), Kameloka (New event)
Festival of Darknes (totaly customed)
Automatic events

TvT... Team Vs Team , nice reward for winnes, First blood and TvT hero added.
CTF... Capture the Flag , every 4 hour event with a "holy shit" reward. First blood and CTF hero added
VIP... Very Important Person. Better check your self
Town War event: For some minutes xxx town will be a pvp zone , each kill = 1 reward.
Monster Rush : Defend you queen .

Exp: 5000x
Enchat Rate : normal scrolls : 75% break the item
Enchat Rate: Blessed scrolls: 90% don't break the item
Drop: 1x (increased in the weekends)
Max Enchant (armor/weapon/jewels/accessories) 16+
No grade penalty.
Max Subclasses: 15
Max Ally : 10

This is the first chronicle of L2RaceSupremacy , there will be 2 more chronicles . The last will be Rise of the Kings.

The server is daily developed , adding unique features .
Come as guess Stay as family

L2RaceSupremacy The chaotic Throne

The war has begun!!
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