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Welcome to InfiniteL2 Private Lineage 2 Server. A highly modified faction server, with plenty custom code and addons.


InfiniteL2 [Red vs. Blue] Bartz:

PvP (Exp,Adena,Materials) is not a last hit system. It?s based on damage done.

Game Manager (Massive PVP) running 24/7 with mini-games for winning faction in between.

War Manager (Grouped PVP) running a few hours a day -- Olympiad || 1v1 || 2v2 || 5v5 || 2v2v2v2

Game Manager Events -- TvT || CTF || KOTH || Castle Battles || Battlefield || Neutral CTF || Bomb Squad

Mini Games -- Zombies || Elimination || Dodgeball -- Live Auction System

NPC Buffer: Prophet Buffs / ETC Buffs / Dances / Songs

Champion Mobs (Used for gaining tokens for epic bosses)

Raid Manager -- Epic Raids & Instanced Raid system -- Spawn Protection (Best One Around)
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