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NEW || 200+ ONLINE || OPENED 27 SEPT 2012 || FREYA PVP SERVER x5000 UNIQUE FEATURES AND PERFECT BALANCE Configuration: XP/SP/Adenas: x5000 Drop/Spoil: x10 34 Buffs / 15 Dances Buff 3h Infinite Noblesse Easy full stuff Enchant Safe: +6 / Max:


XP/SP/Adenas: x5000
Drop/Spoil: x1000
34 Buffs / 15 Dances
Buff 3h
Infinite Noblesse
Easy full stuff
Enchant Safe: +6 / Max: +10
Blessed: 100% / Normal: 0% / Elements: 100%
Max element: 300 (lvl 7)
No {PvP} equipments
Epic Jewels NOT in GM Shop

Need to be in Peace Zone to enchant skills
Duel skill enchant route working
Cancel skills nerfed to 3 buffs cancelled and usable only in olympiads
Disarm +Time nerfed
Real Target effect nerfed
Song of Purification, Dance of Berserker, Pride of Kamael target user only
Flying Transformation skills have been removed (Aura Birds)

.nobuffon .nobuffoff

Hero weapons can be enchanted, augmented and have element
Talismans: Life Force, Divine Protection, Buff Cancel, Buff Steal are removed from the game
50% chance of masterwork during craft
Gold and Silver dragons cannot be droped, destroyed nor deposited in warehouse
Warrior temporary potion removed from olympiads
Quick healing potions and greater quick healing potions nerfed
Instant lvl 5 with the first elemental stone

Heroes every 2 weeks
Second teleport before olympiad match to avoid "door bug"
+6 Enhant in oly including HP enchant bonus

Subclass system:
Subclasses are restricted to character's race classes
Certification skills work for subclasses
Cannot change or create subclass while in combat
Judicator max level 80

Weight Limit x25
Buffs 3h
Buffs +15/+30 in Buffer NPC
No death penalty
No grade penalty
Infinite arrows and bolts
MyTeleport slots number increased to 24
NoBuff system to avoid overbuff
Language system
Auto nobless and pomanders when pass the 3rd class transfer
Nexus Event engine installed
Auctions time is decreased to 3 days instead of 7 days
Max auction bid is 2,147,483,647 adenas
Need 10 pvp to speak in trade chat
Soulshots, spirishots are infinite
Heavy penalty for light class users
Player holding a Territory Ward can be killed inside Peace Zones
Wards are reset before every TW start
New characters start with full dynasty set

Raid Boss system:
Pets cannot steal RB drops anymore
Raid Bosses lvl 85+ drop high/top ls 84, normal enchant scrolls, elemental stones
Raid Bosses teleport back to their spawn location if they go too far from it
Cannot heal Raid Bosses
Epic Bosses stats are increased and drops have changed

PvP System:
All PvP zones change every 2 days (except in Sunday)
Players who die inside a PvP zone will respawn inside this pvp zone
Cannot join party in solo
Cannot join clan in solo zone
Cannot restart in PvP zones
Cannot request a trade in combat
Each kill on solo pvp zone = 1 silver dragon
Each kill on mass pvp zone = 1 gold dragon
PvP Name color system
Cannot use gk, teleport items, myteleport when in combat mode or when have karma
Party duels location fixed
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