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L2SPEED Gracia Global Server

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L2SPEED Global Server

Come play with us and enjoy the best LineAge II Gracia that you did ever play, We have a good machines, no lag and own ts server exclusive to our players!

Check our machines:

Machine 1 - Database and Webserver

Motherboard: SuperMicro X6DVL-EG2 Intel Xeon SingleCore DualProc Sata [2Proc]
Processor: 2x Intel Xeon 7320-Single Core [3GHz]
Ram Memory: 2:2:1:1 Generic 2GB DDR2 [6GB]
Harddisk: Maxtor Atlas SAS V[73GB SCSI 15k RPM]
Uplink Speed: 2000 (mbps)

Machine 2 - GameServer Furya

Motherboard: SuperMicro PDSMI+ Intel Pentium DualCore SingleProc Sata [1Proc]
Processor: 1x Intel Pentium Dual-Core 950 [3.4GHz]
Ram Memory: 4 x Generic 1GB DDR2 [4GB]
Harddisk: Maxtor Atlas SAS V[73GB SCSI 10k RPM]
Uplink Speed: 2000 (mbps)
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