Colonize new planets, strengthen your economy and get resources out of your mines to develop new technologies. Protect yourself with defensive constructions, research and build more than 20 different spaceships and expand your empire!


Blame yourself if you don't register!

GWars 1.0 starts on Friday, 8th February at 6 pm. The new release was programmed with latest technologies like AJAX and it is the best GWars ever.

Starting from A like Alliance Carrier Ship to Z like Zoom (destroying other ones defense) a lot of features is realized. In spite of that GWars stays at is has been from the beginning: an ultra-fast game with highly addictive potential and a unique community! Hence register now and be part of it from the start.

Gwars is one of the most interesting browsergames and it´s bilingual. There is also a Gwars-Newspaper (e-paper) and a Gwars-Radio. So let´s have fun with Gwars!
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