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Lands & Lords - the Strategy MMOG

Lands & Lords is a free, browser-based, multi-player online game (MPOG) in a medieval setting. As the ruler of your country, you try to extend your inititially small lands into a huge empire.


  • 90.000 hexagonal fields map with continents, seas, and islands
  • 21 different buildings with 10 stages of expansion
  • tech tree with 10 lines of research with 10 innovations, each
  • complex battle script with boundless tactical possibilities
  • animated naval battles
  • spies, doing mischief to your enemies
  • heroes, that can be levelled up and who order your armies
  • Each round winner will be bestowed with a hero
  • Diplomacy with liege lords and vassals
  • fairness of players will be rated using an "honor system"
  • Top-10 of the previous rounds are immortalized in the halls of honor
  • no unfair advantages for payed accounts!
  • in-game java chat
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