FREE Online Mafia Game Based On The Mobster Life ( Cosa Nostra ), Cash Jackpots , Many Features In Which Are Easy To Get Used To , Fast Growing Community With Friendly Players , And Active Staff


Getting Started Made Easy!!
Go To The Hire Selection And Scout For Some Operatives And Defense
Go To Black Market And Buy Some DrugsTo Make Your Guys Happy!
Also Get Weapons For Your Defenses.
Keep In Mind That Defesive Units Are No Good Without Weapons.
Also Keep An Eye On Your Guys Happiness
It's Easy To Keep Them Happy But If You Dont They Will Leave You..
Start By Making Some Money By Collecting Money From Your Dealers, Whores, Hustlers, or Punks.
When You Get Enough Turns, Repeat From Step One
If You Feel Strong Enough, You Can Attack Other Mobsters In Your Range!
Be Careful Nobody Will Let You Attack Them Without A Revenge.
This Is The Real Mafia World "An Eye For An Eye".
Don't Forget To Protect Your Cash By Using The Bank!
You Can Bank Up To 25% Of The Money You Have. ( Supporters Gain Intrest )
You Can Join An Existing Family Or Create Your Own
Finally, Enjoy The Game And Remember To Watch Your Back
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