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Is work stressing you out? Want a little excitement in your life? Join the latest craze in online gaming! MobsterCrimes has the latest and greatest tools available in online gaming. With new player protection and new union building tools.


Do you want to be the Don of the most FEARED Crime family? You want to be known as the most RUTHLES KILLER the mobster world has ever seen? Want to have more MONEY and POWER then you could ever imagine? Then join the Mobster world and start your CRIMINAL EMPIRE! Recruit some hitmen and start taking out your rivals or form alliances and make everyone show you the RESPECT and FEAR you deserve!

MobsterCrimes is a turn based MMPORPG where families battle out the top spots earning prizes and extra turns each round and every week you have another shot at being the best… just gotta get the respect!

Some of the game features include…

• Players can see their current and final worth through the whole round
• Don’s of a family can see all the members final worth.
• Family invites can be sent simply from a player profile page
• Up to the second rank list are sortable by net worth, defenses or operatives
• Killer ranks are kept low and only the top 3 win prizes to allow people to build
• You get 25 turns every 10 minutes and you able to hold a max of 3000 turns
• You can store 4000 active turns in a turn bank for later use
• Anyone can start a family which can hold up to 15 people
• Custom ranks can be set for each member in a family
• Each family has its own message and business boards
• New Union building tools and union boards
• 3 levels of ranks so every one has a chance to rank
• Prizes range from 2000 turns-$500+ cash!

For supporting players…

• With subscription packages you can get up to 150 turns every 10 minutes with a max of 20,000 turns!
• Currently 40% of money added by supporters is added into the JACKPOT which is paid out to the top player each round!

Either you got what it takes to be a boss or you don’t but there is only one way to find out! Join the action now and show the world why you deserve the respect!

www.mobstercrimes. com

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