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Fall of Caesar

Free text based online MMORPG based on the Roman empire


Hail Caesar! The haunting refrain praising the ruler of the Roman Empire makes you shudder. The Caesar has never been good to your family, and there is no love for him or his triumvirate. After all, you grew up in a hard-working family, and were taught to keep your head down when the magistrates come through town.

On a day when a Roman garrison came through to check on things and put down any potential uprisings, your eyes didn't stay humble. Your clenched hands and insincere greeting failed to help you blend in with everyone else, and you were plucked from your household to slave away for the pompous travelers.

With no alternative to save yourself from certain death when your usefulness had passed, you seize the opportunity to grab a bag of coins from one unwelcome guest, and you run. No goodbyes to family. No last bite to eat. No chance to prepare for a life away from home, and returning to your village was returning to certain death.

Resolving to do something about the lifestyle you have always known and loathed, you set your face toward Rome. This evil has gone on long enough. Caesar must fall!

Along the way, you meet others bent on a similar path. You may choose to go it alone, or join with others (in Legions) who can help accomplish the goal. You will collect denarii and platinum, copper and tin, gaining skill in battle every day. The road is long and you will meet resistance, but, with diligence to the task, attention to strategy, and faithful friends your quest will be fulfilled and dignity restored to your oppressed little town.

As if with one voice, you hear the battle cry of the worn and weary: THE FALL OF CAESAR!!!
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