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Aderan Wars - Online Strategy Game

Build your own empire! Use diplomacy or go to war to become the dominant force in the galaxy. Join or create alliances and defeat your enemies with covert or overt means. The possibilities are limitless.


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Aderan Wars is a free to play online multiplayer strategy game. As the leader of a planet you build your own empire. Become a member of an Alliance or play as an independent nation. With time, you will become more and more powerful and you will be able to influence world politics. Let your Empire flourish through trade and cooperation with other Empires, or fill you treasury with loot from enemy empires. Research countless

technologies, train an army to defend your lands. Let your empire grow in peace or send your armies on a campaign against the enemies of your allies.

Join with your friends, and it will become easier for you to shape the future of Aderan Wars.

Register in 2 minutes and start playing now!

This game is unlike others, with many ADVANTAGES:
-To be successful you don't need more than 5-15 minutes per day (exception: you are the leader of an alliance, or have an important role in a major alliance)
-Game never restarts, already over a year old, and still you are able to catch up within months.
-Within few months you can be among the top 100 players if you use the right strategy.
-Even players who don't donate money at all are among the best players.
-The game is well thought out and balanced
-You can design unique strength of your race.
-AE, is a revolutionary system that fights hyperinflation in Aderan Wars
-Strategy is very important in this game
-Developed market, similiar to a stock exchange, where you can trade ingame resources.
-Tutorial with screenshots and WIKI, which teaches terminology and explains the best strategies to play the game.
-Tousands of players
-Strong and extremely friendly Community, which helps you with pleasure
-Admins who care about players
-Players from all around the world!

-Game taking up too much of your free time, (you must spend hours each day to keep up with others)
-Impossible for new players to catch up with players who started playing earlier,
-Rich people buying themselves to the top,
-Admins not caring about players,
-Bugs not being fixed immediately,
-Cheaters not being punished properly,
-unbalanced races, unbalanced game,
-game too complicated
-game too simple/boring

No matter if you are an experienced player or not, Aderan Wars is the Browser game you are looking for. You will see that Aderan Wars, although at first glance similar to other browser games, is completely different to what you have played before. Soon after you start playing you will realize that Aderan Wars has none of the problems that most other browser games have. Especially if you have played many browser games before, you will soon find out that the game is one of the best the internet can offer. If you never played a browser game before, try out a couple browser games and see for yourself. Aderan Wars is one of the best Online games you could have imagined, and you will be happy

If you now expect beautiful 3D sceneries and galactic wars with magnificent explosions and awesome sound, I have to dissapoint you. Although Aderan Wars has graphics, it is a browser game, doesn't require any downloads, and is primarily focused on creating the best gaming experience for a player who focuses not on graphics, but on strategy, balanced gameplay and a friendly community above all else.

Your own empire is just a click away!
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