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Nine Crimes - Free Gang & Crime Browser-Based RPG

Enjoy a fast browser-based interface featuring player gangs with rivalries and alliances, tons of guns, armor and vehicles to collect and trade, player fights and gambling, active community (with chat) and more. Join 100% FREE and play immediately!


Real-Time Player Gambling
Hustle your way into millionaire status with the new 50/50 player betting system!

Gangs & Alliances
Join a gang and learn from the best or create your own and rule the city!

Advanced Combat
A complex battle system including Boss Fights, Player-versus-Player Fights and more, all with unique risks and rewards. Improve the outcome of your ventures by collecting various items, from a .50 cal Magnum, to a Street Bike, to a Stolen Army Tank and using them to your advantage.

Tons of Items and Activities!
Some items can help you in player combat, some help with activities like Growing Hydroponics or pulling off Crimes and some are for collectors and money moguls. The time-released shop stocking system allows for many items to become more valuable than others and the Player Market allows players to safely and easily transact with others.

Register before beta ends and receive a special in-game reward! is currently in an "Open Beta" phase. What this means is that the game is still fresh so you may find some slight imperfections, but the game has been tested thoroughly enough to make it playable to anyone who'd like to. When we exit beta, your character information will not be lost or diminished in any way other than the receipt of a special item reward the day we "Go Live" to recognize and thank you as a charter member of our community.
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