Do you want become a Lord? and haven't much time? Play LegoWar! Join the Battlefield, Join LegoWar!


Hey, do you like Text based games?
Are you resistant against the power of other people?

LegoWar, is a text and tick-based game. LegoWar is in fact also a strategy game, because we have 3 strategies which are used by our members, the powerhouse, defensive, and low palace/glory strategies.

Your goal?
Your goal is to become the winner of a round. You can become the winner by having the highest score at the end of the round. You gain score from Glory (from attacking), buying technologies, increasing your palace size and from troops experience. You can't win on your own. You need the support from Faction (clan) members with Gift rings, help and protection! Our community will help your Factions and Kingdoms (group of clans) go up in position. Factions and Kingdoms can win also, by having the top position in the high scores. You will not only have individual competition, but Faction and Kingdom competition as well! Join LegoWar!

What type of rounds does LegoWar have?
We have, the normal one, where less gold is flowing, and glory is more important. We also have the Ultimate Round, where all your protection is ripped off, and gold is the most important winning factor.
Both of them are well balanced.

So join LegoWar and join the battlefield, join the community, start expanding your economy, start training your troops, join a Faction, Join the world of LegoWar!

LegoWar game!
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