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FrienzMU Season 3 - Episode 2

FrienzMU Season 3 - Episode 2 - 6969x FUNSERVER for everyone - Summoner bugless - Season 2 LATEST FEATS - 1000 free poinst / 100mil zen for new players! - Low / High / Extreme experience servers - Come as players and stay as frienz!


FrienzMU Season 3 Episode 2:

A professional server for all kinds of players by TFN (The Frienz Network) located at [url][/url].

FrienzMU ([url][/url] is one of the oldest servers still online today, and we have 3 refreshing servers:

- FrienzMU Hyperion: 6969x FUN-server ([url][/url]) , quick gameplay for people who enjoy fast fun

- FrienzMU Revolution: 1000: High Xp-server ([url][/url]) , High experience with a twist!

- FrienzMU Evolution: 20x PRO-server ([url][/url]) , a server for professional players, low drops, and hardcore gameplay

All our servers are ran on our OWN rack in Amsterdam, Netherlands - giving us the best opportunity to deliver our hardcore gameservers anywhere in the world. Next to Mu Online we also run Lineage 2 servers ([url][/url]), Knight Online servers ([url][/url]), World of Warcraft servers ([url][/url]), and much more.

Find our full portfolio of games on the TFN main page ([url][/url]).

Have fun in FrienzMU!
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