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UnitedMu Season5 || 99+ new items || 9999exp

Latest Update 6-02-2010!!! FULL SEASON5 + CUSTOM UNIQUE new WINGS,WEAPONS,SETS Multible Warehouses & GuildWarehouse for extra space. NEW BIG BOSSES drops EXCELLENT CUSTOM SETS, NEW EVENTS !!! CASTLE SIEGE 100% working, EVERY WEEK!! 400+ online


unitedmu season 5, one of the greater muserver around. it\'s very well protected with antihack for protection against muhacks. Enjoy this wonderfull version muserver
3d camera and minimap is build in aswell muonline
for more flash games games
server information
Shops: Exellent items and box of kundun in shop,
Special shops: they appear randomly with good exellent items
Reset: lvl 400, keep stats.
Monsters: Many spots, big bosses (need full party to kill)
Characters: Balanced gameplay, equal strenght (elf and other classes can win from BK)
-Castle Siege Event (every week)
-Raklion Event
-Crywolf Event
-Illusion Temple Event
-Chaos Castle Event
-Blood Castle Event
-DevilSquare Event
-Kantru Event
-Golden Invasion
-Wizard Invasion
-Sky Event
-Hit & up Event
-Happy Hour
-Halloween Event
-Boss Invasion
-Rabbit Invasion
-Moss Merchant event
-Double Gear Event
-Imperial Event
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