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Qualitative server Mu Warteam

•Default sets and Mace of King •Stabile 1Gigabite enthernet connection •24/7 Server online •Hight Rate server x999999XP %99D x200ML •Excelent items and Box Of kundun +1 .. +3 in NPC Shops. •All droped set items have socket options •We w


We'll tell you a little about the server Varty mu. The server is not created in the Commercial purposes. The dream of every player mu: I want to quickly gain the maximum number of articles and the best thing and become stronger. Varty th carry out the desire to play mu. To become the strongest player on the server, you need not spend money, how do Donat server, but if you wanted to donate, we do not mind. You yourself will earn things, just enjoying the game. Perhaps you think that this is not possible, and everyone wants to grab more money. To be honest, any server need the money. When there is a sponsor, the money volnovatsya not necessary. More information about the incomes for the best things - while you're playing on the server, you get credit for ests of any charaktera in your account. It's not all! There is an opportunity to vote for the server and get more loans every day. For karotkoe time you will max stat, and guyld and alliansy and lock, and the most gorgeous set on the server! You will have the strongest guild, which is unprecedented even in th! And when the whole reach, then you probably already tired of playing? Not like there was no! Advertisement Varty mu and this pozabotelis. After all that has been achieved, you come off all the possibilities muonlayn server. Duels and rivalry. A difficult task and Eventy, you'll go for valuables. Leveling and Strategy Master skill. The conquest of the castle for maps Land Of Trials, card is filled Antsient veschyami! You preobretete new friends and girlfriends. What one can still dream? In th Varty you get respect, wealth, power and strength. All clans will be subject to fear and respect you!
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