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Ragnarok Revolution Online

Ragnarok Revolution has been online since 2005, Our server features: Unique WoE • Balanced Customs • Custom Maps • User Friendly Site • Weekly Automated Events • A Unique RO with an Official Feel.


Ragnarok Revolution Online is a free private server for the popular MMORPG, RAGNAROK Online. Ragnarok Revolution develops a unique style of gameplay close to the feel of the official Ragnarok Online servers, but still unique in its own ways.

Ragnarok Revolution has many unique features, such as a Highly Secure Anti-Cheating Solution integrated into both the client and server. As well as many unique custom maps, weekely automated events, and a unique take on the original War of Emperium system.

Ragnarok Revolution also features Custom Storylines and Quests, which build off the original RAGNAROK Online storyline. These unique quests take players on a journey through the world's beautiful envornments developed by both Gravity and the highly dedicated Ragnarok Revolution staff team.

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Server Info:
IRC Channel: #RRO
Online Since: July 13, 2005

* Base Exp: 15
* Job Exp : 15
* Drop Rate : 5
* Quest Exp : 10
* Equip Drops : 5
* Card Drops : 5
* MVP Equip Drops : 3
* MVP Card Drops : 3
Max Level: 99/70
Max Stats: 99
Max ASPD: 191
Player Commands:
@autoloot, @alootid, @autotrade, @noask, @whodrops, @whosell / @ws, @noks, @me, @allychat, @duel, @commands, @rates, @uptime, @time, @date, @showexp, @showzeny
Town & Dungeon Warper, Healer, Skill & Stat Resetter, Card Remover, Balanced Custom Items, Custom Quests, Custom Maps, Custom Pets, Unique War of Emperium System, Weekly Raffle, Randomized Town Invasions
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