Lowrate Gabriel 3/3/3, Midrate Lilim 50/50/30 - Run by eAthena Developer Sara-chan. Over 200 custom maps! Discover the Valencia continent! Experience new things! Extremely fast, high-quality updates! 3rd jobs: Arc Bishop and Rune Knight!


Angelic Ragnarok Online, or AngelicRO for short, is a friendly but small community like a family.
We at aRO care about our players, and about the fun of playing on our server.
Our administrator, eAthena developer Sara-chan, runs things in a fair and considerate manner, and updates very quickly.
Updates are fast and handled very professionally.
It's like playing on an official server, everything is easy to set up and you can jump right in and play!
Yet, at the same time, while all of the official content is there, we also have balanced custom content and quests!
We even have a full client which doesn't require any existing RO installation.
The only thing we really need are good players like you!
If you want to join us, just come to our site at
40828 sites in our database.
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Time until reset: 26 days, 21 hours and 9 min.

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