Raije RO

Low/Mid Rate server, Opened Oct 2. 25/25/20 Rates. Max 99/50, 99/70 Trans. Updated every week. Original and Fresh. Great Atmosphere created by Community. Creative and Challenging. Active GMs, great events! Cheating and corruption are not tolerated. M


NPCs: Healer, Kafra, Town and Dungeon Warper (not level specific), Job Changer (with Plantinum Skills), Skills and Stats Reseter, Free Rental, Stylist, PvP Arenas (access through Warper), and WoE Info. The capital city is Prontera.

In Game Commands: @commands, @autoloot, @alootid, @mi, @ii, @whodrops, @whosells, @noks, @duel, @hominfo, @autotrade, @changegm, @changeleader, @pettalk, @homtalk, @me,

War of Emperium: WoE will be held five times a week. Normal WoE: Sun 12:00-14:00, Wed 19:00-21:00. European WoE and WoE 2.0 TBA. The server is also on PST, and you can use @time in game to check what time it is. The WoE system here will be running on a rotating system, more details in the website.
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