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[Midrate Server 100/100/20][Base: 255 Job: 120 Stats: 255]
Available player Commands:
@autolootitem/@autolootitem2/@autolootitem3 (@ali/@ali2/@ali3)
@monsterinfo (@mi)
@iteminfo (@ii)

Tested and Balanced Gameplay.
We have tested the game for 3 weeks before opening and we're continuously testing in order to mantain everything balanced, with every single upgrade.

Custom Dungeon with Satan Morroc inside, Aldebaran Turbo Track, Izlude Arena and Hero Defence (We're moving towards Endless Tower).
We're trying to make Rune-Midgard lively and funny. The new dungeon was built as a strong alternative to Lighthalzen Biolab and Thor. Inside you'll find a fierce challenge to your skills, tough we suggest you to enter it with a good high leveled party.
Wanna know who is the fastest among your friends? Join the Aldebaran Turbo Track, placed left of the city, where castles are, and try your speed. You can also get some rewards.
Izlude hosts an Arena where low leveled characters or strong parties can challenge time and try to be the fastest defeating monsters. The rewards there are also commutable with the ones of the Turbo Track.
There is another challenge at Prontera: parties of 4 players can join together and try to get to level 99 of the Hero Defence!
Similar to the concept of the new sakray Endless Tower, Hero Defence warps you into an Arena useful to get experience and with a whole new Boss Monster for the strongest ones who get to the last level.

Many Customs & Legendary Set.
While playing you can get many customs you won't find on many other servers.
Do you dare to try and obtain the powerful Legendary Set, with a background coming directly from Norse mythology?

Friendly GMs and Daily Events.
There is a strict control on the Staff members, so don't expect abuses or unfair tricks. Everything is made with full honesty, we were players too so we know how does it feel to have corrupted GMs.
Every GM have the skills to make good and fair events, also our prizes won't be the usual stuff you get everytime. Try our server and write on the forum your suggestions, we're open to every kind of idea.

Recently added: Veins NPCs and Moscovia!
Finally Veins populated. No more of an empty city, but a lively center with his own quests and shops.
Wanna get to the Russian Maps with a full set of new Monsters, Items and MvP?
Everything is ready to allow you in the beautiful town of Moscovia!

Our community is quickly growing, join this week and be aware of our Donates Shop Event. You may get Donation items without paying a cent. Even after that we got a top donation system which allows non donaters to enjoy the game as well.

I hope to see you soon in game ;)
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