Roca Rosa

2 univers : Roca y Rosa & 1 unique access ! - French and English - Karma v2 - lvl99 max stats/job - Events Points - Many Quests - Security & Stability - Record 1200 connected - Open 4 sep. 2009


Our Philosophy :

We really like the Ragnarok original game and all of it's concepts.
Although, we do not have the intention of making another copie of this game.
We would like to bring a new breath to Ragnarok and kick it up a notch to enrich many aspects of the original game.

[B]Your Ragnarok :

Everybody has a different way of having fun on this game.
Alone or in a couple, with small teams or big groups.
Either if you have alot of time to spend on the game or very little.
And finally, by looking for new friends, exploring, Roleplaying, doing quest and participating in huge ang startegic battles.
This is why we try to give you various places to play and challenges for all levels.

Security & Stability :

We spend alot of time on this game and you do to !
This is why we've planned two saves of the data every day.
We have 4 high performance servers and 1 to do tests:
(web client, Karma, Karma2 and a Backup has been installed to insure a quality service).
In the past, the server never was wiped and is now accessible 98% of the time.

Integrity :

You've probably already experienced servers filled with cheat and corrupted staff. We have too... This is why one of the main objective of Karma is to stay clean.
Therefor, there are no donations (and inderctly no corruption).
Also, the commands available to the staff have been recoded to insure that so no cheat is possible.

NPC controls : [Karma Senshi] ?

On Karma, some NPC's allow you to correct past mistakes but those corrections will cost some Karma Points. This system limit the excess use of such services.
The main interests :

* More different and various builds.
* More interesting battles
* The Role Play is more meaningful this way.

Karma Points

Karma-Points increase as your character becomes stronger.
Each good deed is rewarded with Karma Points.

For example, accomplishing quests is considered as a good deed.
This system encourages players to explore the game and its universe. It allows to thank the players who support the server without unbalancing the game.
More entertaining fights?

On Karma, there are a lot of new features that enhance the gameplay experience.
We have keeping many elements from original Ragnarok as :

* 150 DEX = nocast (besides the skills that have a non reducible cast.)
* Stats and max. level : 99
* ...

Here are the details of those features :

* 150 AGI = no after cast delay (except non-reduce ACD skills => 80% of skill)
* 150 LUK = Drop rate x 2
* Perfect Dodge = Allows to flee normal strikes, critical strikes and skill attacks ( except magic skill attacks and it's limited to 50% chance on skill ).
* No Flee penalty in WoE and PvP

Interest of this system :

* Some minor skills are available and efficient for every players, even the skills that became hard to use with the ACD
* More thrilling battles : Players have different weak and strong points.
* Individualities are possible with this systems and allows lead players to think about their gameplay in a more interesting way.
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