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NymphRO 1x/1x/1x Low Rate RO Server

Low rate RO server, minimal customizations, no OP/unbalanced donor items, intended to emulate vanilla Renewal RO.


Nymph Ragnarok Online - Vanilla Style Renewal RO

NymphRO is designed to be a 'vanilla' rAthena Renewal Server.
With low (1x/1x/1x) rates, every level, every item has more value.
Our goal is to remain as balanced and as true to traditional Renewal RO as possible.
We don't have overpowered donor items, nor heavily customized events or NPCs.

Occasionally we'll release a unique item or have a special boost (to all players) for a holiday, or such, but these benefits/items are generally cosmetic, and available to all players.

The server officially launched on 03/23/2013, so we're still building up our player base.
Want to join our server? Download the full client (or small client) from our website.
Nymph Rangarok Online
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