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Ifrit Ragnarok Online:Episode12

Trans.Server 99/70 12x/12x/4x


Pre-Renewal Pure Classic Server!!!
(NO BOSS Cards! Disabled Mini Boss Cards: Archangeling, Angeling, Ghostring, and Deviling Card)

Up to 99/70 Transcendent class only
Guild Capacity 36/36
Server Rates: 12x/12x/4x - 15x/15x/5(During Exp Boost Time)
Base and Job level = 14-15x
Normal Cards = 4x
Normal equips = 4-5x
Normal Etc and Usable = 4-5x
Boss cards = (DISABLED)
Boss equips, etc, and usable = 1x
Server location: Los Angeles Optimized for Asian Country
Maximum DDOS Protection 99.99% uptime Guarantee
Server Protection: Fully Updated Gepard Shield(No WPE HACKS and Bots)
Server Features:
No Autotrade
No Dual Client
No Mail System
Game Settings: Free to Play
Server Episode: Episode 12: Nightmare of Midgard, Destruction of Morocc

Lots of daily quest and in-game quest for all of you!!!
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