Have a career? Family? Then this server is for you! | Freebies for New Players| Guild Package Available| Balanced Custom Item/Card| Friendly Community| Pre-Renewal with 3rd Job Skills (ONLY) | 1000+ Costumes & Auras| Seasonal WOE Tournament 500 USD


Revolutionizing the Super High Rate scene like never before!
BetterRO is an International Server surrounded by a global community.
It is catered to players who are working, and who have families.
We maintain pre-renewal mechanics while constantly adding renewal items and mobs from time to time.
These renewal elements are only meant for PvM scene only and will not affect PVP/WOE/BG scene.
Less grinding is needed, however it is a challenging server.
Its recent grand event, Super WOE, has gathered guilds from Low, Mid & High Rate to determine the best guild amongst all.

Behind this project is a dedicated team that provides:
Balanced Customized Mechanics/Cards/Items
Battlegrounds & Rewards for PVP
New Meta for HR WOE
Hunting Mission Quests/Items/Achievements
Challenging MVPs
1000+ costumes
No OP Donations!

Cashpoints are dropped by mobs and during events!

Freebies for all new players!
Guild Package Available as well!
Streamer Package pm staff for more details!

[WOE Seasonal Tournament = 500 USD Prize Pool]
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