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Apero Online

Apero-Online is a 12/12/5 Pre-Renewal server. Custom laucher : anti-cheat an master account (Bank, storage, quests) / MVP instances. Job changer, healer, Waper dun, custom quests...


Opening: March 31, 2023 - Apero-Online is a Pre-Renewal server with a personalized gaming experience. It is based on the latest versions of the game before the arrival of classes 3. The objective is not to transcribe the various updates of Ragnarok in a scalable server.

Unlike the base game, Apero has an instance system that allows you to take on the most coveted bosses in the game.
Instance bosses are no longer on their original maps. You must form a party to access the combat zone. This system promotes teamwork.

You have a master account system that allows you to associate several game accounts in order to benefit from a multi-client experience (Priest in town, secondary character for a service during an instance, etc.). Your storage and your bank account are shared across all game accounts. There are also some services that are associated with your game account, such as the ability to withdraw cards from your equipment.
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