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Rose Revolution

Join the Revolution! We are a low rate server, featuring a curved experience scale to help at higher levels. Also features a custom Drop table, auto-patcher, Snowball Fights, clan fields, exp-boosting special mobs, drop-fetching pets, and much more!


We hope you stop by and try out the server. We are a small but growing community full of friendly members. What do we offer? Let's see...

  • Low rate server for dedicated gamers.
  • Hybrid server. Not 100% Evo or Irose. We change it how we see fit.
  • Growth Experience, gain more as you level. This keeps you moving through the levels.
  • Bonus Experience Enemies. These pop out randomly as you fight, giving a nice EXP bonus.
  • Pets that grab your drops. Capsule pets will gather your goods.
  • Special Snowball Event. A GM can initiate this event and teleport participants to a customized snowball fight map.
  • Active owners. We are active in the community and work constantly to make this the best gaming experience for our players.
  • Nice GMs. Our GMs are nice and helpful.
  • We offer customized drops, and change as needed.
  • We have an automatic updater to keep clients up to date with our changes.

There's a few things to look forward to in the near future. We are now in the process of adding the jrose items and Orlo, along with some custom items.

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