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An assortment of simply THE BEST and most effective RuneScape cheating bots available on the internet today. Change your entire RuneScape gaming experience with just one click...


A little about us...

At, our mission is to provide RuneScape gamers with safe, effective, and easy-to-use software (bots) at an affordable price.

Being veteran RuneScape gamers ourselves, we know how many hours of dedicated gameplay it takes to compete. Through our advanced software, we allow players to enjoy all aspects of the game by dramatically reducing the amount of time and dedication it takes to develop your characters. It is our guarantee to you that our software will help you meet this goal.

So, why

1. Safe
We go to great lengths to make sure our bots do not get you banned. We have one of the highest no-ban ratings of any RuneScape bot software available on the internet.

2. Effective
Our bots allow you to achieve the highest gain possible in the game. You will be amazed at the advantages. We guarantee this is the best RuneScape botting software available to you on the internet.

3. Easy To Use
Our intuitive interface allows you to have your bots up and running in seconds. It's so easy a cave man can do it.

4. Ongoing Updates
Our bots are constantly updated to address game updates, new features, etc. This ensures that your bots stay up and running effectively, and that your accounts stay safe.

5. Responsive Support
If you ever need help using our bot software, we're here to help.

6. Bang For Your Buck
If we could offer this software for free, then we would. We're not looking to make huge profits, but rather help fellow RuneScape gamers with a game we all love to play. Our price is fair. The small fee we charge is to keep our bots up and running, up-to-date, and to the highest quality possible.

7. Proven
Our bots are used by thousands of RuneScape gamers. See what others have to say about
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