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RW Gaming: Stygian Abyss (Most Complete)

Online since 2006: Professional server with skilled dev team. Code releases weekly and frequent events. Includes custom systems like Account Vaults, Instanced Theft System, Mechs, LMS, Decayed Dungeon, and Olympus. No special downloads required.


Raistlin's World Resurrected, or RW, capitalizes on popular vote. All aspects of development from new content to mechanics are based upon community discussion and decisions. We work overtime to make all the content necessary (and then some) for you and your friends to have fun.

*Frequent Code Releases: The most complete server available!!! We do not wait for others to code something, we set out to gather the information by all means and code it ourselves if it is not already coded. This allows us to offer more to the players than all other servers.

*Instanced Theft System: If you thought thieving was an activity of the past. Try our ITS! Increase the risk but increase the reward.

*Decayed Dungeon: Deep underneath Britain lies a forgotten monastery. A science experiment gone wrong has transformed this dormant bastion into an adventure for all.

*The Dragon Peerless: A new series of dragon brood's rule of Ilshenar. Locate them all and free the inhabitants.

*New Champions: Move over Barracoon! A vicious pirate ship loams at Buccaneer's Den, and an visitor from the elemental plane wanders Felucca.

*Empires: Claim your piece of Britannia for your guild! Establish an empire with its very own fortress. Create a booming trade center or a murderers den.

*Casinos: Gamble away your life savings for the chance to hit it big in one of two casinos.

*Dueling: Safely transition into PvP with a fully managed dueling system. Don't worry about losing your gear, only your pride.

*Account Vaults Quickly move money and items between characters with an account vault--a bank box accessible from all of your characters.


The Server:
Dell PE T610 Tower Servers

2x Intel Xeon E5645 2.40GHz, 12M Cache, 5.86 GT/s QPI, 6 Core CPUs
12GB Memory (12x1GB), 1333MHz RDIMM
Intel Gigabit ET NIC
iDRAC Remote Interface Card
RAID1 Controller
2x300GB HDDs
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