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[Free] [Full ML Support] [Last OSI Publish] [+5 Tournaments Daily & +40 Differents] [Ingenious Quests] [PvP, PvM & Craft Ratings] [Carpentry, Tinker & Bowcraft New BODs] [PvM Factions System] [Amazing Profession System] ...and much more! Join us now!


· Access instructions: aquí
· Autoinstaller pack with necessary files: Download
· Account Creation: Auto Account; the account is created automatically at your first access to server
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SYLVANNIA UO could be defined as Auto Account RunUO 2.0 server OSI style, with changes carried out due to the community size. We think that UO and OSI developers are the most experts about their own creations.

We enjoy have full Samurai Empire and Mondain's Legacy support, with all their updates and souvenirs; futhermore we are working to incorporate the new Kingdom Reborn. However, the true power of our server consist of the whole that forms their unique +40 custom features and the OSI's mentioned already. When we say features, we aren't reffer to simple tubs, objects and coloured mounts, else full developed systems whose we emphasize the nexts:

- Automatic event system, which give +10 daily events of PvP, PvM and Crafting
- Professions system[/url] scalable by levels in time. It gives advantages and disvantages to their members according to the profession chosen. It exists +10 differents professions.
[link=]- Light and weather systems[/url], which sets the face's world according to the season of the year, and the light according to the time.
[link=]- Garden system
, which gives succulents profits for planting and caring for seeds. We emphasize each special colouring of its season of the year among, which allow get differents colour tubs.
- System of city creation evolved by players, whose full customizables until their guards and taxes.
- PvM factions system which grows the possibilites of this feature of the game, offering until 9 different superpowers of one day duration.

In our enviable web you will be able to find huge information about all their features. As her, all has seen specially reckoned for getting an organized and solid balance, with the purpose of guaranteeing the maximum attention and fulfilment to our players.

Our team of proffesional developers and experts well-known in Ultima Online endorse us.
We could talk you about Sylvannia UO many days without stop, therefore you would win time checking yourselfs. You won't regret it :)

Thank you for your interest. Goodbye.
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