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UO Gamers: Divinity captures the essence of Ultima Online at its best: The Second Age. Before everyone started riding neon blue bugs, before 'Grandmaster' became just another skill title, before it stopped being fun. Visit us for more info!


UO Gamers: Divinity captures the essence of Ultima Online at its best; before everyone started riding around on neon blue bugs, before 'Grandmaster' became just another intermediate skill title, before it stopped being fun. When battles to the death were decided by skill rather than by who had a better connection, and when owning a powerful weapon was something rare, rather than everyone and their grandmother having a chest full of Vanqs.

Your first few hours on Divinity will reinstil that passion you had for UO before it lost its way. Features from pre-casting to the carefully-tweaked weapon damage combine to create a highly competitive atmosphere - whether melee fighter or mage, you'll become a force capable of wreaking destruction on your enemies - provided you have the skill, and perhaps a little luck too.

The shard is accurate to the T2A era of Ultima Online, taking the many things that made that time so great that it stands out even now in people's memories; but the staff have no qualms about making changes to further improve an already great game. To make it more exciting and accessible for new players, for example, combat skills are easier to gain here than you may remember - but conversely, crafting skills are more difficult. It's easy to compete, and you may win your first battle, but to become wealthy, powerful and respected will take time and effort - anyone thinking they can quickly create an economic monopoly will think again in the face of the fierce competition extant among the artisans of Britannia.

The best features of Divinity ironically come from its desire to follow the spirit of T2A UO rather than the letter of it. The shard is brimming with innovation. Whether it's the current developments turning Order/Chaos from a guild-war gimmick to an epic campaign or the whispered rumours of 'Dynamis', a shadowy domain crafted to master any who try their hand at the ultimate PVM, the staff are constantly working to keep the shard fresh and fun.

With a stable playerbase of around 300 players online on average, 6 months of stable up-time behind it, and a brilliant team of staff (whose credits include the widely used UO utility 'Razor') leading the way to even better and brighter times - what's stopping you?
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