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Age of Avatars

Over 3 years Running! - Totaly Custom Shard - Custom Dungeons - Unique Class/Race/Levels/Prestige - Custom floors & walls for houses, Items, Craftables, Monsters, PvM & PvP - Not Easy - 300+ Arti's - Home of Lord Greywolf & Grimwold


Welcome to
Age of Avatars
A Land Full of Mystery, Magic, Monsters & More!

We are always making improvements, changes & updates; by adding more custom monsters, crafatables, dungeons and other surprises; to improve on your gaming experience!!!!!

Open for 3+ years now for Players !!!!! Over 4+ Years in development !!!!

Age of Avatars has a unique blend of custom monsters, dungeons, skills, races, classes, spells, weapons, armor, craftables & events that will have you wondering what will be happening next. From our custom line of Dragons & Hydras to different types of Orcs, Class Spells & Items, Experience and Leveling System to the Custom Towns, Dungeons (and dungeon add-ons) will give you plenty to explore, encounter and kill (or die from). They vary from the mild for the new player to the very powerful to where you need a strong party of players to bring them down. But the rewards are also set by the challenge, from gold & tokens to rare ingredients, weapons, armor or jewelry. Trade, sell or use these items to hire someone with. Sell the ingredients to a craftsman and watch in awe as they forge a weapon of the gods! And then turns around and sells you the weapon.

Age of Avatars is not a “freebie” or “give me” shard. It is tough here; but not to tough; by perseverance, hard work, team effort, and a great spirit, you can reap the rewards of a great character and eventually become an Avatar! Taking your time to build up your character (or characters), to be proud to say “I finally managed to slay that dang hard dragon guarding the entranceway to the next level” or “We killed Bahamut today and our guild has laid claim to his spoils”.

We have a fully working Class/Race/Leveling system that is unique to this shard. Custom craftables and a Custom BOD Reward System. Custom Dungeons and extra levels for existing ones - thought you had explored all of the world of Britannia, think again! Infravision based on race – not everyone gets the same amount – it varies in how much it helps them. Events from Monster Bashes to Scavenger Hunts, to help you along your way with some extra experience, deco items and maybe even gold or skill balls!

The challenge is placed before you; do you accept the challenge of the Avatar? If so, enter and be welcomed, traveler of the stars.

Enjoy your stay,

Lord Greywolf

Taken from the Chronicles of Xandrea:

It is now the 1st day of the year 20,000 AE. As we celebrate the New Dawn of Man, we must not also forget what happened long ago. So I am penning these words, so that others might learn from them, to remember the trials and suffering of our past heroes.

These words where told to me by my father, Lord Greywolf, so that I may someday tell my children, and others what happened.

Long ago the Earth was reaching a Climax of Industrial Revolution, then it was struck down by a Catastrophe caused by a Time Paradox, Laying waste to all of the world !!!!

From those ashes, the world was reborn, the World of Sosaria. Soon animals, fish & birds reappeared; but also mutants of various types did also. Not just mutants of the wildlife, but also that of Humans as well, forming the many different Races of Mankind.

10,000 years later, the world is trying to survive! Then a Hero comes along, Greywolf, and with the help of others they try to remedy the land of its turmoil's. These others soon became heroes themselves, and where known as Avatars, Heroes of the Land.

It took them 5000 years to rid the land of all that was wrong, or most of it; even today, once in a great while a monster is seen, and is killed; but they are few. This Time of turmoil and the rise of the heroes, was recorded as being "The Age of Avatars". It was a time of Renaissance, Building, Crafting, Inventing; but was also a time of woe, because of monsters that filled the land. But those few that stood up to them, and cleansed the land of the vermin, will live in the annals of History as Avatars.

So remember these words, so that we may learn from our History, and know the perils that could be out there, if it was not for those Brave Men & Woman, the Avatars, that freed us all to enjoy the life we do now.

Lady Xandrea

The year is just past the turn of the 13th millennium, give or take a couple of centuries. So well into the Age of Avatars!

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