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Cherished Kingdom

Many Custom Homes,Craftables,Monsters,Cham-ps and Tons of Custom art. We are a PVM, PVE shard, No PKing and PVP only with consent of both parties. We are patched to 6.0.5 and We have our Own Installer . Skill cap 199 for all skills and 450 Stat cap.


Dragons roam the land, and this Cherished Kingdom we call home awaits you, accompanies you in your travels. There is so much to do, quests around every corner and foes waiting to challenge you. Tame dragons and mystical creatures, fight formidable monsters and travel below the seas to find great mysteries...Will you mine for great treasures? Or will you gather wood for crafting? Or would you rather explore caves and dungeons, fighting your way to triumph? There is much to do, Fishing, Mining, Crafting, Tailoring, Animal Taming, Blacksmithy, and so much more. Whatever path you choose, its all here in this wonderful Cherished Kingdom.
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