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UO Immortalis

The Premier T2A+ Shard. Free to play, many great features! Champion Spawns, Factions, BODs, Plant System, Dueling Arenas and more!


Whether you are new to UO or you’re a veteran looking to re-live the best of what Ultima Online has to offer, UO Immortalis is the server for you. We have re-created T2A style Ultima Online and added a few special features to keep things interesting, all without the added bulk and imbalance of fully custom systems that were never a part of Ultima Online.

We strongly believe that all types of players will find a home here at UOI, from crafters to pvpers, pks to monster hunters, even rares hunters and role players. We have made sure to include everyone in our design strategy.

Balance and longevity were our main goals. There is something for everyone to participate in and we don’t cater to any specific type of player. Everyone will be treated equally here.
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