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Ultima Online Italia Reborn

Fantasy classes, city-states and religious cults, monsters and dungeon, a grown-up consolidated community always open to greet and help new arrivals: All of this and more is Uoitalia Reborn The unique unofficial server of Ultima Online, free to play


UOitalia Reborn, an insitituion between the assets of Ultima Online unofficial shards, now is hitting the 10 years of uninterrupted uptime.
In order to celebrate this shard now has a brand-new site and server running.
That means a brand-new era of gameplay in the lands of Sosaria.
The only, impossible to copy multiplayer italian-localized shard free to play.
Imagine a world stuck in pre rinascimental era, add magic (white AND black), add challenging dungeons to explore alone or with big raiding groups.
Add city-states in conflit for ideological and religious reasons, always searching for a motivation to start a full scale war.
A peaceful world or a globe where war rages ? That you can decide on UOitalia Reborn, the non ufficial Ultima Online server.
Freedom of action, conquerable cities and a complex (yer easy to understand) political and religious system that brings to the player countless hours of fun
Ultima Online italia Reborn is waiting for you!
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