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The Dark Tides

The Dark Tides is a Challenging Custom World, a must see and experience. Our New Custom Installer Makes it easier to connect and play and does not interfere with other installs. See our Websites connect and play page for Details on how to Join the Ad


We are a custom content UO shard, with many adapted utilities and lots of custom content. You will need to download our client patch as well as the client version we are using.

The Dark Tides is based on a pencil, paper, and dice roll playing game of our own creation. The Dark Tides server is set 1000 years after cataclysmic events nearly destroyed the world and evil is once again returning to the lands.

With an uneasy peace between the three races anything could happen. The humans and the kingdom of Obelisk being the largest, Seconded by the Elves and the kingdom of Notika, Gargoyles being the third with their city state called Firestorm.

With the recent end of the Seige of Terra Amora and the loss of their king and queen leaving behind a young prince, the Kingdom of Obelisk has been realing from there war with the orcs. The Elemental Temples have been laid waste and taken by Zamodius and the Nine Devils. The Magical Darkwood Trees that were created a thousand years ago to seal the evil away are dying and suffering from the darkwood blight plague. No one knows what will happen next. Will a hero or heroine arrise to once again cast off the evil? Will that hero or heroine be you?

Server Features
Ultima Live Utility to allow continued expansion.
ACC Complete spell system with many spells custom to our server.
Over 1000 artifacts to be discovered.
6 welcome Skill balls to raise a skill to 50%.
Dozens of Custom Tamables.
More stealables then we can count.
1 Custom World Map(more in the works).
7 maps dedicated to dungeons, Areas of Interest, Hidden Locations and more.
Dozens of Custom Champion Spawns and Peerless Monsters.
Starting Skill Cap is 100 per skill.(no limit on how many skills can be raised to 100)
Starting Stat Cap is 250.
Starting Resistance Cap of 70.
No Powerscrolls.
Unique Status System found nowhere else that allows all caps to be raised.
Hundreds of Quests with more to come.
Extremely Large and Small dungeons.
Upto 5 houses per account(co-owner counts as a house)
Knives Townhouse System with many currently available for players
Plenty of Housing Space.
Unique PVM Only and PVP settings via quests. (all start as PVP able)
Race Specific Start Locations. Humans start in Aria, Elves in Noticia, Gargoyles in Firestorm.
Two Moongate Systems, Obelisk Gates(human towns) and Shifting Gates(Other Towns).
Large Museum With Artifacts Displayed and a unique trade in system
Zoo for training Animal Taming and Animal Lore
Mobs Near all Starting Towns designed for new players.
New Player Donation Houses in each starting town to help new players get started with gear.
40868 sites in our database.
IN/OUT resets every month.
Time until reset: 28 days, 13 hours and 51 min.

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